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Released: Apr 13, 2009
Updated: Apr 26, 2009 by dblock
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Release Notes

1.2 RTM build, 1.2.21934.0.

Completed VixCOM API full support.
1626: VMWareVirtualHost.Register and Unregister.
1631: VMWareVirtualMachine.InstallTools.
1629: VMWareVirtualMachine.Snapshots.Enabled.
1630: VMWareVirtualMachine.GetFileInfoInGuest.
2688: VMWareVirtualMachine.Clone and VMWareSnapshot.Clone.
2691: VMWareVirtualMachine.Delete.
1628: VMWareVirtualMachine.BeginRecording and EndRecording, VMWareSnapshot.BeginReplay and EndReplay.
1633: VMWareVirtualMachine.Reset, Suspend, Pause, UnPause, IsPaused and IsSuspended.
1913: VMWareVirtualHost.IsConnected.
1634: VMWareVirtualMachine.RunScriptInGuest.
1632: VMWareVirtualMachine.OpenUrlInGuest.
1635: VMWareVirtualMachine.UpgradeVirtualHardware.
Added an optional VMWareTools package built on top of VMWareLib that implements additional common VMWare tasks.
VMWareLib.Tools.GuestOS.IpAddress: guest operating system IP address information.
VMWareLib.Tools.GuestOS.ReadFile, ReadFileLines and ReadFileBytes: read remote files as binary data or text with encoding support.
2232: VMWareLib.Tools.Windows.Shell.GetEnvironmentVariables: obtain logged-in user environment.
VMWareLib.Tools.Windows.Shell.RunCommandInGuest: runs commands and collect console output.
VMWareLib.Tools.Windows.MappedNetworkDrive: maps guest operating system network resources.
Backwards incompatible interface changes.
VMWareVirtaulMachine.PowerOn no longer calls WaitForRenamed VMWareVirtualMachine.Login into LoginInGuest and renamed VMWareVirtualMachine.Logout to LogoutFromGuest to be consistent with VIX COM API and allow power-on without tools installed.
Misc improvements.
Added VMWareVirtualMachine.ShutdownGuest and PowerOff that allow specifying shutdown parameters explicitly.
Added support for VMWare Server with VMWareVirtualMachine.ConnectToVMWareServer.
Exposed a VMWareVirtualMachine.LoginInGuest function with power options.
Lots of new documentation with examples.
GetNamedSnapshot behaves differently on Workstation and VI, now throws exception when snapshot not found. Use FindSnapshotByName to get a null result when the snapshot doesn't exist.
KillProcessInGuest unit test needs to wait for process to actually die according to VMWare docs.
Removing a shared folder doesn't remove it from the collection when not the same object.
Fixed different behavior of ListDirectoryInGuest between Workstation and VI.
API-level errors aren't surfaced and the callback wait will never be set when VixCOM is not installed.

Reviews for this release

A very well designed library. All tasks that would normally require complex and cumbersome Component Object Model calls are replaced with a clean API. If it supported usernames and passwords to VMWare server hosts I'd give it 5 stars. However such methods were easy to add.
by billyoneal on Jun 8, 2009 at 6:36 PM